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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

To ensure the best possible service all fresh gourmet, customized paleo meal plans are processed by a real person. Reach A meal plan expert@ 720-936-7522,, or hit the big green “get started button” on our home page.
Caveman Chefs is Denvers first gourmet paleo meal delivery service and catering company. We are proud to be stewards of the environment, and are working towards a shared vision of a 100% sustainable food system that is healthy not only for our bodies but also our earth. Whether or not you become a client, we would love to have your support. Please spread the word, use social media, and subscribe to our newsletter! We really appreciate it.
Our medium portion meals are roughly 550 calories, and the portions increase by roughly 100 calories for large & extra large portions.
Each meal will have heating instructions on the label, if you are for some reason unable to find the instructions...First, open container and remove sauce. Crack lid and microwave for 2 minutes until hot. Carefully open lid, pour sauce container contents over meatloaf, replace lid and cook for an additional 30 seconds. *For frozen meals* Cut open a corner of the bag, microwave on high for 5 minutes. (package will be hot) Let sit for 1 minute. Remove food from bag. Stir and eat..
ngredients will be listed on each label. Nutritional data will be coming soon! If you would like to calculate the Macros it's easy! Our regular meals contain 3oz protein, 4oz of each vegetable (8oz total veggies), 2T healthy fats (coconut oil, avocado oil, animal fats, extra virgin olive oil, etc,). 1.25oz of bone broth or other sauce. Large meals 4oz protein, 5oz each vegetable, 2T healthy fat Extra Large Meals 5oz protein, 6oz each vegetable, 2T healthy fats .
Americans spend less on our food as a percentage of our income than most any other advanced nation.  We are used to cheap food that destroys our bodies, the earth, and doesn’t even taste good!  At Caveman Chefs, we feel that cheap has already been done when it comes to food.  This is a service for people who understand the value in eating real food that is made from scratch by a real person using premium products. This may not be a way for you to save money on your monthly food budget (unless you eat out a lot!) but it is a way to take roughly the same amount you are already spending and getting BETTER food with ZERO stress, helping you enjoy a simplified healthy lifestyle. 
The amazing thing about Paleo eating is that you will lose weight until you reach ideal body composition, and then you will effortlessly maintain.  If you don’t need to lose weight, you will effortlessly maintain your ideal body composition simply by eating paleo.
If you eat strictly paleo for one week, you should start to feel significantly more energetic and start to lose weight as well.  Results vary, but most people lose a significant amount of weight within the first 3 months if following a strict paleo diet at least 6 days per week.
Paleo style eating is the best thing you can do for your wellness.
Paleo style eating is the best thing you can do for your wellness.
Paleo style eating is the best thing you can do for your wellness.
You can do whatever you want, but if you want to be ‘paleo’ you should limit your drinks to an occasional red wine or tequila!  No beer except for cheat days, that’s just liquid bread!
Food is fuel for your body.  The path to wellness starts with food.
Breakfast is the least expensive and easiest meal to make yourselves, and also the one that people are most likely to skip.  We recommend frying up some bacon & eggs within a half hour of waking up in the morning to keep you satisfied until your Caveman Chefs lunch!
Water, water, or water! Stay away from juice (just a bunch of sugar) and of course any other sugary drinks to include ‘sports’ drinks.
Our food is medicine too, enjoy it!
We usually take Christmas and other major holidays off if they fall on a delivery day, but not more than a handful of times per year.
Place them in a refrigerator at home or work as soon as you can after receiving shipment!

Delivery & Shipping

We deliver anywhere in the country via next day fedex. We also have pickup locations for our local Denver Metro clients.
Shipping is calculated based on the size weight and location of the destination.
Local clients can pick up meals on both mondays and wednesdays. Fedex clients ship on wednesday and arrive thursdays.
We are working to improve our service and hope to have more delivery options in the future.
Local clients will be delivered by CavemanChefs delivery driver. Clients being shipped will receive their meals via fedex.
Fedex meals will be delivered prior to 11am on Thursdays.